Heraldry first originated approximately 800 years ago when brightly coloured tunics were worn by Knights over their armour to identify themselves. The first Shields hung in medieval times were those actually used in battle. Over the centuries this custom has continued but the Shields have become much smaller.

“The seven ages of man “can now be symbolised in decorative fashion by Heraldic Plaques – School: - College or University: - Regiment, Company, Club, Professional Body and any Arms associated with your Family Surname.  

Cavalier Heraldry was formed in 1981, Originating in Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire – United Kingdom. Over the past 24 years we have become one of the leading producers of Heraldic Shields in the World. Cavalier Heraldry is a Family run business with family based morals.

The finest traditions of producing Heraldic Coats of Arms go into Hand Painted Heraldic products. Our skills represent over 20 years experience so you can have complete confidence in genuine Hand Painted Heraldic Shields or Partchments produced to your own specifications.

Each Coat of Arms, Plaque, Shield, or parchment produced by ourselves is an authentic, individual piece of Hand Produced Heraldic work of art.

If you are an individual or buying on behalf of an organisation your requirements will be given the same careful attention by our Heraldic Craftsmen.

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